here you can learn more about each pet that i am currently naturally raising in my game! ♡


meet floofie! she's a custom ragdoll chinchi gifted to me by mouse ♡ with 100 kindness, and only 1 naughtiness, floofie is an absolute sweetheart! i adore her fluffy, dusty coat paired with those big, slothy eyes and that tiny little nose and mouth. she's also a trickster, which i think is such a fun little bonus in catz. i'm currently naturally raising her in my gameplay journal for the dg summer olympics 2022.


snagged from a litter here on soleil! jones was bred from my dalis lilly x ocean with the blue heeler ow in. i was desperately trying to get a pup with a brown coat and finally jones popped out! the selfie lids with brown eyes was such a bonus. i'm hoping to raise him along side of armani.


kathleen is adamant about me needing to love mutts... even tho i'm not really a big fan of their look, haha. however she said they're super fun to play with, so i decided to bid on this gorgeous little one from joni on pugs - i won the auction and i'm thrilled to try out raising my own lil mutt!


this little piggie has zero independence. so i guess that she is fully dependent on me? haha! oinkly is a mini, no-grow pig hexed by me. her personality is quite funny because she keeps switching back and forth between fight or flight mode. she has moments where she's totally terrified of toyz and/or other petz and will sprint off in seconds to hide behind the carrying case. however, a few minutes later, she will end up stomping back out to get angry at them instead.


this little floof is a mini, no-grow cali hexed by me. i find her very sweet, calm, and relaxing to play with. she has high kindness, playfulness, and confidence. one of her favorite things to do is to play the gravity game, where she grabs a toy and then throws it off of a ledge over and over again - haha. her bff is liliana!


she is a velveteen kitty that was specially bred for me from one of kathleen's companion petz named tassel. i absolutely adore her persian personality, as it makes her just so chill and floppy! she's very sweet and fun to play with. being a trickster, one of her favorite things to do is to play fetch with the yarn ball. like her mom, cheese is her favorite treat to eat!

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