companion petz

the term companion petz was coined by kathleen and is used to describe those petz in which you've previously raised, but find yourself going back to play with over and over again. so essentially, they have ended up becoming your top favorite petz!

bentley (the second)

bentley was the first pet that i decided to naturally raise since rejoining the pc. i did so during rho's photo a day in may challenge on rkc in 2021 and crossposted the whole thing into a dedicated thread here on dg. bentley has a very interesting and long backstory that can be found on over funfetti! he's absolutely obsessed with the star ball, loves to play fetch, and eat from his yellow food bowl. he also has a naughty streak which leads him to digging lots of holes and wiping his itchy butt across the floor a lot, haha. with low independence, he loves to pose and is currently a world champion with over 100 show points!


isn't she just the cutest? mirrors is a custom brexie gifted to me by amanda! she's a trotting, purebred dali from amanda's spotless line. her dad is from dizzy, who was an old pc friend of mine from over 20 years ago. she loves to pose and both of her parents are sgch! mirrors was on my team for the very first dg winter olympics 2022, which was hosted by me and rho, but she's very clumsy and not athletic at all, haha. her favorite activity is chasing the mice in the garden, and her favorite toy is the chew toy.

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