here's where you can take home a brand new little puppy or kitten to naturally raise in your game!


- one pet per litter
- keep funfetti in the show name
- feel free to rename and gender swap
- mpa or return if no longer wanted

- most importantly, you must naturally raise them and do at least one post about it on the petz forum of your choice (dg, rkc, or ww) or start a thread to raise them in on a petz discord server. confirm this in your app!

[precious bred bullies]


the sweetest little bulldogs that are ready to take up some major real estate in your heart ♡ you won't find any bullie ears here tho; york and charlotte (whoops i kept her #srynotsry) have dali ones, houston and philly have some jumbo chis, and precious baby dallas has mutt ears WITH a mutt personality! he's very special, so if you apply for him you better be sure to naturally raise him asap because i almost snagged him and will need to be hearing all about him on the regular, ok?! some other fun things to note are that houston, charlotte, and philly all have 100 intelligence! whoa! we have some genius pups here ya'll. if you're looking for an ultra-confident girl (aka 100) york is your bae!


- - -

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